Our Unfortunate History of Americanadians

When former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney was caught on tape recently singing to US President Donald Trump, we were reminded of a similar event many years ago when lyin’ Brian performed the same song for Ronald Regan. Most of us cringed; but some applauded. Why?

This is the case of our unfortunate history of Americanadians – Those Canadians who measure self-worth through attention, acceptance and assimilation with the United States. Some Americanadians are blunt about their Yankee leanings (Mulroney), while others cloak themselves in Canadian nationalist symbols, but sign away our sovereignty in security and trade deals (Stephen Harper).

Americanadians extend well beyond politics. In media, many leaders of private commercial networks are happy to act as giant repeaters for US networks, while investing minimal profits in creating Canadian content. And now we have our own mini-me alt-right outlet, TheRebel to mimic the xenophobic trash from the United States.

In our natural resource sector, many leaders of the “Canadian” corporation are really branches of American financial interests which neuters their loyalty in advancing Canadian economic, social and environmental interests.

Americanadians are a fixture in Canadian life and in many respects we have had to beat back their advance every generation in order to reinvigorate our ability as a country to strongly assert our own interests whether in economic, social, or foreign policy.