The real reason why Trump could happen in Canada

In the aftermath of Trump, pundits are still trying to explain why the US election unfolded as it did.  In Canada, we are talking about how will a new Trump administration impact our national interest while witnessing the pathetic Trump-Lite candidacies of a few Conservatives vying to be leader of Harperland (aka, never more than 1/3 of the Canadian population).

One of the more interesting takes on the US election was provided by Jimmy Dore who share these stats on American incomes:


You can watch the whole segment here:

THIS, in a nutshell, shows how far the Clinton Democrats were from their base. No amount of identity politics was going to bridge the gap between multi-million dollar fundraisers and the average voter.

So that’s America right? This couldn’t happen in Canada.  Well, let’s take a look:


Two observations.  First, the stats on income are rarely reported this way which leaves us with a misleading understanding of the population.  Usually, AVERAGE income is reported, which tell us we are doing OK.  Conversely, when you report by income bracket, the fact that over 50% of workers make $35k or less is a stark reminder of where things are really at for the average Canadian.

The second point is how these stats compare to our American neighbours:  We aren’t doing much better up here in the Great White North.  To  be fair, we have a number of social programs, like universal medicare, which are immensely important when comparing the plight of citizens between countries.  However, the fact remains, the reality of the Canadian establishment, including our political representatives, bare very little resemblance with that of the average Canadian worker.

This is the main ingredient for a political backlash and the question for Canadians is:  Will we move right, a la Trump with the Conservative party OR will the NDP elect a leader that could pull off what Bernie Sanders tried and catapult a real Progressive government to power?