The majority of Canadians want to chart our own course in Trump era

Interesting results to a new poll from Nanos Research Group:

“The majority of Canadians want to see Canada continue to chart its own course, even if it may create some tension with the United States and the president-elect,” Nanos Research founder Nik Nanos said in an interview.

Support for standing up to Mr. Trump is higher among females, at 78.6 per cent, compared with 70.4 per cent of males, the poll said.

The feeling is strongest in Atlantic Canada, where 81.3 per cent of people agree or somewhat agree that Mr. Trudeau should stand up to Mr. Trump, followed by British Columbia at 78.7 per cent and Quebec at 76.3 per cent.

In Ontario, the number is slightly lower than average, at 72.7 per cent. Those in the Prairies are less keen to stand up to Mr. Trump, with only 68.8 per cent of people who agree or somewhat agree.